Many people don’t realize that 40% of those who require Long Term Care (LTC) are working adults between the ages 18-64. (1)

You should ask yourself the following questions in the event you should require LTC in the future due to an injury, chronic illness or severe cognitive impairment:

• Are there family and friends that could care for you during the day and in the evenings (and could they afford to give up their jobs to care for you if they had to)?

• Would you wish to stay in your home if possible?

• Do you have the financial resources to pay for LTC if you eventually needed it as the average annual cost of a nursing home is $55,000? (2)

Today, more people are realizing their potential need for LTC. In fact, almost 1/3 of those purchasing it are under 65. (2)

The cost of LTC insurance goes up as you age so it’s better to obtain it now in case you need it, and also to save money in premiums over the long run. I can offer all the major carriers of LTC at the best prices available so call me today to discuss which coverage would be best for you at 866/734.0040 (toll free).

1) U.S. General Accounting Office, Where Does the Population Live and Whol cares for Them, “LTC: Diverse, Growing Population Includes Millions of Americans at All Ages,“ January 2001.

2) U.S. General Accounting Office, “Baby Boom Generation Increases Challenge of Financing Needed Services,” March 2001.

- Historically, considered to be a safe or conservative investment vehicle.
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Annuities are offered from carriers with the highest ratings available at high current fixed interest rates and the shortest surrender charges. A wide selection of annuities are available, including immediate or deferred, fixed and indexed and rated annuities for the medically impaired.

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